12 ft x 12 ft Wood Shed Kit - WoodenShedKits
12 ft x 12 ft Wood Shed Kit - WoodenShedKits
12 ft x 12 ft Wood Shed Kit - WoodenShedKits

12 ft x 12 ft Wood Shed Kit

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Solid wood prefab shed that looks gorgeous and can be assembled in as little as 1 hour!

The "Lincoln log" like construction is sturdy and offers a stylish cottage look. This shed is fully finished inside, you can move your belongings, or move in yourself as soon as the assembly is complete.

You can customize this shed by choosing a different door style, adding windows, or a bigger overhang. To complete the look, choose a natural wood roof base and the T&G floor kit. 

Note! All sheds ordered November 15th through March 31st will ship in early April, to allow for a more favorable weather for assembly.


Area: 137.00 sq. ft.

Wall thickness: 1 1/8" (28mm) T&G

Wood type: All natural tongue and grove Norway Spruce solid wood

Outside size: 12' 5.6" x 12' 5.6"

Inside size: 11' 8" x 11' 8"

Recommended foundation size: 11' 10.5" x 11' 10.5"

Height of the wall: 6'6"

Height overall: 8'

Roof slope: 15º

*Double door: 4'3" x 5'7" with tempered glass *CUSTOMIZABLE 

*Canopy: 6" *CUSTOMIZABLE 

Package size: 8'11" x 3'7" x 1'10"

Package weight: 1530 lb or more (see shipping instructions)

Included: assembly hardware, door and window hardware

*Not included: Floor joists*, floorboards*, roof base*, roofing shingles *CUSTOMIZABLE 

NOTE!: Before making a purchase, check with your local county office, you may need a building permit.


For more details with video clips, visit the shed customization tutorial page!

1. Select shed width. If you select 10 ft long, then your shed will be 12 ft wide from the front, and 10 ft deep. The door will sit on the 12 ft side.

To choose a different front width, customize the 10 ft base model (8 ft option is currently sold out).

2. Select the door style form

  • Classic door (the base model);
  • French door (double door with 8 tempered glass panes on each door panel);
  • Modern door (double door with 4 tempered glass panes on each door panel);
    The door will be centered, as pictured.

    3. Instead of selecting different door styles, you can select a complete front look of your shed. You can choose from

    • Cottage facade - a French door with a single pane window on a side where the door can sit on the right, or on the left based on your choice. The window can be opened in two positions - tilted and opened wide using a handle;
    • French facade - a French door with tall and narrow 4-pane windows on each side of the door. The windows do not open;
    • Modern facade - a modern door with tall and wide 4-pane windows on each side of the door. The windows do not open;

      4. Add windows to the side or back walls of the shed. First select the style of the window - a double-pane, or a single-pane. Both styles of windows can be opened in two positions - tiled and wide. Each pane of the double window can be operated separately, thus one panel can be closed, while another tilted open.

      The grille on the windows is decorative and can be removed for a more modern look.

      5. Select the number of windows. The openings for these windows are not pre-cut. You may determine the desired window position as you assemble and form the cutout yourself - we provide detailed instructions. If you'd like us to cut the openings, lease contact us and provide the exact desired location of the window.

      6. Add an oversized 32" long canopy/overhang for additional shade, protection from the elements, or for a different look. The shed kit will come with roof beams that are designed to accommodate this extension.

      7. Select the base material for your shed roof. You may choose from: 

      • OSB board - a set of panels cut to size to cover the whole roof. To finish the roof you will have to acquire roofing shingles or other roofing material of your choice. The popular choice is the material that matches your house.
      • T&G natural wood roof board kit - a set of milled wood boards that are made of the same solid wood as the shed. If you plan to use the shed for another purpose than storage, this will be the most visually pleasing solution. The roof boards are 3/4" thick, and offer a roof load of 20 lbs/ sq ft.
      • You can also choose your shed without any roof base, and use wood panels or boards that you acquire yourself, or use reclaimed wood for this purpose.

      8. Add a T&G natural wood floor kit. The kit comes with 3/4" thick boards made of the same solid wood as the rest of the shed kit, and a set of pressure treated floor joists that are needed to support to attach the floor to when building on a concrete slab foundation.



      • Easily modifiable
      • Easy to run electricity and install outlets
      • Finished interior
      • Cozy and attractive design
      • Can be personalized by staining, painting, or adding accessories
      • Easy to install shelving and other storage solutions