Tips For Storage Shed Kit Assembly

These storage and garden sheds feature a unique construction that does not require post&beam installation, and allows to minimize the use of hardware. This enables you to assemble the basic shed shell in as little as 1 hour*! 

More complex shed combinations will take longer, with an average assembly time of 8 hours. 

*This estimates includes the assembly of the kit that you purchased. Site preparation, foundation, roofing installation and finish application will take more time depending on your pace.

If you are considering getting the wooden shed kit, or have already purchased one, take a look at our country-wide brand video library demonstrating garden shed assembly steps.

Before choosing your shed, make sure to check local building codes for any restrictions regarding the installing an outdoor structure or to find out if a building permit is required. Some areas may have restrictions to the square footage, or height of the shed, others will require a building permit for any structure. Also, check the rules and regulations of your HOA (home owners association), some may have guidelines related to the accessory buildings. Checking these things prior to committing to any specific shed could save you a lot of trouble and money down the road.

Here are a few tips from our shed building expert Andrew:

  1. Give yourself enough time to complete your shed build. The smaller, basic sheds only take 1- 3 hours to assemble, but the more complex sheds will require more time. In addition to building the shed shell alone, take the time needed for site preparation and aesthetic shed finish into consideration. A complete shed installation will take about day, or longer, if you get distracted, or run into any issues at any point of the project. 
  2. To streamline your shed assembly, sort the parts and fasteners by their type and purpose, check if anything is missing. It might seem inconvenient but it will ensure a smooth installation of your new shed kit.
  3. If any pieces are missing or you think there is something wrong with a part, take photos and email them to us, then call, so we can get this sorted as soon as possible. If any parts are indeed missing, a replacement pieces will be shipped immediately.
  4. We suggest having two people to assemble your shed. It is helpful to have an extra set of hands when measuring the square of the first row, sliding in the door frame, and once the shed gets high so that one person needs to stay on the ladder. It also gives another insight in case there is anything confusing in the assembly instructions.
  5. Start with a level foundation. No matter what type of foundation you choose to build your shed on, it is crucial that it is level. A good foundation keeps a shed square and sturdy, otherwise, over time your garden shed will become lopsided, and you may have trouble operating the door. 
  6. TAKE YOUR TIME! Don't rush, and don't pressure yourself to complete the assembly as fast as possible. A missed step can lead to bigger issues and prolong the whole shed kit assembly. Worse, do not modify anything if you think something is wrong -9 times out of 10 it is unnecessary, and can be resolved by double checking your steps, and carefully looking over the instructions. If you still think something is wrong, take photos of your progress so far, the parts that are confusing, and give us call! We will ask to email the photos and help you find a solution.