How to customize your shed kit?

Choosing a shed is a big job! And there are many variables that play into decision making. Below we list all the options available to make your shed just the way you want it and a quick tutorial how to use the shed customizer.

Select shed size

Our sheds come in three choices for dimensions - 8 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft. You can combine them to make square or rectangular sheds to fit your need. 

Let's say you'd like an 8 ft x 10 ft storage shed. To begin, select the 8 ft x 8 ft Wooden Shed Kit listing. The 8 ft wall will be the front of your shed and have the door. So choose the 8 ft x 8 ft shed if you want your shed to measure 8 ft x 8 ft, 8 ft x 10 ft, or 8 ft x 12 ft. If you'd like the door to sit on the long side, begin with the 10 ft x 10 ft Wooden Shed Kit to create a 10 ft x 8 ft shed, or start with 12 ft x 12 ft Wooden Shed Kit, if you wish the facade of your shed to be 12 ft wide. You get the gist! 

Select shed depth

Once you have the width of the front wall set, select the depth of you shed (the length of the side walls). Click on the icons to choose the option. You can go back to this (or any other step) at any time. 

Select shed door style or change the whole front design

Our shed kits come equipped with functional two-panel door and all door hardware. The doors swing open to the outside. The right door panel has a door handle and a lock. There are 3 door styles available for each shed size:

  1. Classic door, which is the default look, with 2 glass panels at 2/3 glaze and 1/3 wood, and a decorative removable grille;
  2. French door, with 8 tempered glass sections on each panel;
  3. Modern door, with 4 tempered glass sections on each panel;

Click on the door style icon to customize your desired look. 

To choose a whole different facade, click "remove" under the door selection and move on to the facade selection below. 

Note, that the 8 ft wide shed front will not have the facade customization option because it is too narrow to structurally accommodate any of the available variations.

Available facade options are:

  1. Cottage look - French door with a single window on the side. The door is pictured on the left side, and the window on the right, but you can flip it as you assemble your shed. 
  2. French look- French door complemented with 2 tall window segments, one on each side, to complete the full glass facade for optimal light and visibility. The two side windows do not open.
  3. Modern look - modern door accompanied by a tall 4-pane window on each side, spaced out along the front wall. The tall windows do not open.

Add an oversized canopy

To add some style, and to provide extra shade, add a 32" canopy. The canopy is built-in and seamless. Instead of regular length roof beams, you will receive the extended ones that will accommodate a nearly 3 foot long roof extension. 

Add windows to the shed side and/or back wall

Scroll to the "add windows" line and click on either a double window or a single window. The extra windows are centered by default, but you can decide on their location in the next step.

If you do not like your shed appearance with windows, click "remove".

Select a number of desired type windows below the window icon.

Choose a roof base 

By default, the shed will come with roof beams and no roofing as there are so many choices on the market for different building applications, thus you have a freedom to choose exactly what you want. 

If you'd like your shed ceiling to match the rest of the raw wood interior, select the T&G (tongue and groove) roof base. You will still have to pick the final roofing material, like shingles but this will ensure cozy uniform interior. The roof boards are made from the same wood as the rest of the shed.

For ease and convenience, you can choose the OSB board for your roof base but only do so if you do not plan to spend time in your shed for leisure or other activities as OSB boards are manufactured using glue that releases unhealthy fumes, especially in warm weather. It is a good practical roof base but will not complete the natural wood shed look. 

Add a shed floor kit

To complete your wooden shed, add a T&G floor kit. The floor boards are made from the same solid wood as the rest of your shed and are cut to size to perfectly fill your shed floor. The floor kit comes with floor joists that are needed to support the flooring if you are building on concrete slab foundation or on gravel. If you are building on a treated wood grid foundation, you can skip the treated wood floor joists, or use them to form a grid for floor insulation. 

Add to cart and preview your shed

Once you have finalizes your shed design, click the "Add to cart" button. In a few seconds a new page will load that lists all the elements you selected for your modular shed. At the bottom of the list is a link to a preview image. Click on that link to review the look of your pre-cut shed kit. If you are happy with your choice, checkout. We will be in touch with you within 1 business day to confirm your selection and to discuss the delivery arrangements.