Finished shed interior and wood treatment options

 shed finished interior natural wood finish

All of storage shed kits listed on our store come with finished interior. The shed "shell" is constructed of solid Tongue&Groove boards, similar to what you may have seen used for siding, only about twice thicker (1 3/8" thick), featuring double groove for sturdy construction and the interlocking corner system for fast and easy assembly. 

This type of construction allows us to have the same smooth milled natural wood on the inside as well as on the outside of the shed. The exterior must be treated using a sealant of your choice - a common stain that can be found at a hardware store, clear sealant, eco-friendly product, paint, or by applying natural oils. The interior, however, can remain raw and untreated and can be used the minute your shed is assembled.


If you decide to apply a finish on the interior of your shed, there is a number of options to consider. 

  1. Will you be using your shed for storage? If so, a sturdy and easy-to-clean finish might be the best solution. Spruce lumber is very absorbent when untreated, so if you are storing machinery, or cleaning supplies and other items that may leak or splash, they will soak into the wood and leave stains that are hard to remove, given you care about it.
  2. Will you be using your shed kit as playhouse? If so, consider sealing the interior wood with low VOC sealants or stains that don't emit toxic fumes and leave an easy to clean surface. There is a growing number of eco-friendly, nontoxic wood finishes that come in an array of colors that your little ones will appreciate!
  3. Will you use your prefab shed as a home office? If so, keeping it raw and untreated can be a great option. The only thing to consider is the change in wood coloration over time. As the wood is exposed to UV lights, the color will start turning to honey yellow, and darken more over time. The areas that are exposed the most, such as where the sun shines through the windows, will change the fastest. For many, this phenomena is one of the top reasons of choosing wooden shed kit over any other material. For others the uneven coloration may be unpleasing, however, the wall surface can always by sanded and stained with semi-opaque stains, or painted. 

dark stain wooden shed finish

PRO TIP: paint is the only sealant that will go over any other sealant, you will not be able to go back from paint to stain, but you can always "graduate" to paint from stain, or clear sealant, and even most natural oils.

There are many other use cases for these wooden shed kits, however, similar choices apply for most. As a rule of thumb, if you plan to spend time in the shed yourself, and your shed will be exposed to sun, choose the least toxic finish for the interior, or leave it bare. For all other use cases, common stains and paints are an equal choice, and will depend on your aesthetic choice and your budget. The interior of the shed will experience less wear over time than the exterior, and will not require re-application as often as the exterior (which should be done when you start seeing "fraying" or rough wood grain and/or flaking paint, typically, every 3-7 years).

Do you have questions about finish choices for your shed? Contact us, or continue shopping.